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Come Away With Me
SKU: 9781777485924

A book of poems and verses for the young and young at heart. There is a stack of well put together thoughts filled with snippets of togetherness, love, relationships, loss, imaginations and emotions. Are you seeking a little help getting through your day? Here is a little pick-me-upper, here is your rebound or bounce back tool. A book that can help you relax and enjoy moments of reflection alone or with a friend.

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Coloured Views
SKU: 978-1777485948

If ever there was a book of poetry you need to have, here it is! Coloured Views: Poetry Unraveled. Hot like the summer sun in Jamaica, it sizzles! It contains vivid imagery, satire, metaphor, personification, you name it its there, wound up and weaved into a smooth string of multiple award-winning poems. Bonus, each poem is beautifully illustrated! Yes! Many poems in this book are straight from the winners column of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Creative Writing competition. Over 50 poems inside! Some are written in English, others in Patois (Jamaican Dialect - Patwah). No need to worry about the Patois (Patwah), there is a full alphabetized glossary for that at the back of the book. Hidden between these covers are some interesting and captivating titles such as: Mother It's Me Again, Master Bolt, Chatta-Box Bwoy, I Do, Although Far Away and I Can't Breathe
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